#2 [Greek/German] Put prejudices aside!

Geia su!

Today’s meeting was very spontaneous because I have been in Germany to visit my friends and celebrate my birthday. We were talking about typical food the last time and Eva prepared more than me on our international dinner and since we couldn’t meet this week, I decided to bring Eva a gift from Germany! Because she had been there before, she knew Milka already, that’s why she was very glad and happy that I brought her this gift.

2017-04-03 10.55.05 3
⇑German beer and typical German chocolate

As I mentioned in my last blogpost I wanted to learn something about the political situation today because Germany and Greece have a very critical relationship and I thought it would be very interesting to hear the opinion about this from a local. It felt like we were talking for hours, which is also very resonable, as it is a very big topic, so I will just sum up the most important parts.

In general, it showed me something that I knew before: never just believe one side of the story. Media nowadays is usually just telling either the bad or the good things, in this case German media always talks about how bad Greece is for our economy and people are annoyed that our government supports them. Greek people see it like that: when Germany suffered and Greece supported them, they didn’t care about the debt, but right now, Germany is insisting on the payback, even though Greece is suffering so much.

For my opinion, it is very important to talk to a Greek person if you really want to understand the whole situation. This Greek-German talk gave me so much more information than the media did for me in the past years. Also everybody should still be aware of the big sufferings that are still out there in the world. We can really appreciate the life we all are living, because even nowadays there are people starving and even worse.

But for now, it’s enough for the sad thoughts! Let’s see where this journey leads too.
~Ta leme!



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