#3 [Greek/German] Education System

Geia su! Ti kaneis?

Today was a beautiful day and we went to the Pyynikki tower to drink some hot chocolate or tea and talk about the education systems of Greece and Germany.

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The first thing I realized was how complicated the German school system is in comparison to the Greek one. After the elementary school we have 3 different options and only with one of them you can go to university, but you can still make another school to get you’re a-level and then you can go to university. Well, sounds cruel and it actually is.


But here is something way nicer, the Greek school system:

Kindergarden – 2 years (until 6)

Elementary school – 6 years

Middle school – 3 years

Highschool – 3 years
⇓                    ⇓
Technical or General
(5 exams)     (8 exams)

As in Germany there are 2 different types of universities and you can just join the harder one with the harder school (general). Eva told me also that when the government changed, they changed the school system and usually even get new books.

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Then we just drifted apart and talked about different languages. For example our friends from Cyprus are talking Greek too, but Eva said, it’s a weird kind of Greek and they have some differences. In the beginning she didn’t even understand them when she met them for the first time.

Here an example:

I love you


Agapo se

Those are just slight differences, it can be compared to Germany and Austria. We generally understand each other, but it also depends on the region where you are from. I for example live in Bavaria and the accent is very similar to the Austrian one.

It keeps beeing interesting – keep updated!

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