5th : Kahvila Runo

During our meeting we talked a lot about our previous week because it was the holidays and I spent one week in Lapland and one few days in Norway. Therefore we talked about what i did  from visiting Santa Claus village to reindeer farm and ending with the arctic ocean swim and the difference in terms of holidays  in Finland and France .

Until high school we have holidays every Two months : one week in October which is  called “la Toussaint” next we have two weeks for Christmas, then winter holiday when we usually go skiing, and finally in April 2 weeks and then summer holidays in July and August.

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In March  I had the chance to go to Lapland it was one of the best trip I have ever done. As Milja has never gone there I told her  what I have seen and done like husky safari, northern lights, breathtaking landscapes… I showed them some pictures as well.

After we played game which was about speaking Finnish in 5 minutes then switching to French on the next Five minutes , it was a good game, switching between languages is really helpful in term of controlling your vocabulary and also it was nice to know some new words as we were correcting each other every time something was wrong

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