6th : Baking Pulla

Ruoka meeting Milja and I went to her House to learn Finnish and make traditional Finnish sweet bread called Pulla.

Milja bought all the ingredients to prepare Pulla and also she checked the recipe in Internet, so when we arrived we only had to prepare this delicious sweet.

Milja suggested that i have to do it by myself and to prepare the dough and also follow the baking process, it was a nice experience and as i love baking i really enjoyed doing it , while we were having a conversation about how our week went.

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Before starting baking we took tea and coffee and learned the basic Finnish grammar and vocabulary about Food like easy sentences and the different pronunciations. For example:

I brought the recipe to teach some vocabulary in Finnish and French:

250g de farine flour Jauhot
4 oeufs Eggs kananmunat
50cl de lait milk maito
1 pincée de sel A pinch of salt Ripaus suolaa
60g de sucre Sugar sokeri
50g de beurre fondu Melted butter Sulatettu voit
Confiture de fraise




Strawberry jam




Mansikka hillo




Miel Honey hunaja
chocolat Chocolate suklaa
Cidre Cider siideri
Cuillère à café Tablespoon ruokalusikka
Cuillère à soupe Teaspoon teelusikka
Cuillère Spoon lusikka
Crepe Crepe/ pancake lettu


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