7th : While in Finland Sauna is a must

After all those months, we finally managed to meet for a private sauna session at Milja’s place. During my Erasmus semester, I learned to appreciate a good Finnish sauna and I will certainly miss having one around back home.

Even though, I had visited the Kaupinojan and Rauhaniemi saunas near the lake on a regular basis, I never received a proper introduction into the national sauna culture. Milja hence decided to do so during that evening.

I already went to sauna many times with my friends and Milja thought it was the perfect place to meet with her. I really like the Finnish culture and especially their Sauna culture. Because Milja knows more about the Finnish culture we decided to talk about the Finnish, French sauna and Spa culture and to compare them with each other.

I my opinion Finnish people are more social in the sauna than in the streets.
In France we also have saunas, but not that much as in Finland. In Finland they even have more saunas than cars (unbelievable!). Milja is also a big fan of saunas.

This was the ideal moment to learn me some basic of Finnish sentences that you can use when you meet someone and to teach Milja the French equivalent of those.

Afterwards, we had a beer tasting with local and national brands which I enjoyed a lot although I am not much of a beer drinker.

Once again, we had a lovely meeting with great talks.

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