[Finnish/French] – Chilling at Torni

We were very lucky because the weather was good therefore we could admire the view and spend a pleasant moment!

I attended Basics of Finnish during this semester and I have just seen that I pass the test before seeing Nina. She was very happy for me and she asked me all the things I learned in Finnish. Discussing about test and everything we started to explain to each other our school system. First, our different schools don’t last the equally.



At the end of Highschool we have an exam which allows us to valid our school years called “Baccalauréat”, kind of “A-levels”. To pass we must have a general average of at least 10/20. If we don’t valid some subject, we can retake once but it is an oral exam. If we don’t pass this exam we have to retake one year again. Furthermore, contrary to Finland one exam never lasts more than 4 hours. I find it awfull to have an 6-hours exam.
Nina explained that their “finals” is called “ylioppilaskirjoitukset” and they have at least 4 compulsory subject tests and they can choose more subjects to have get more points if they fail one subject. If they fail one they have to retake it next semester (autumn or spring). In France we have 8 subjects to pass our last year of study and 3 one year before.

It was extremely interested to learn how works their educational system as it is one of the best of the world. They seem more “indulgent” than us.

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