Spanish and Chinese meeting #2# 22.3

Today Daniel and I meet in the same place as the first meeting because we think the cafeteria is a very nice place to do practice and learning.

The learning process is interesting and enjoyable. Daniel does great teaching, we still learning some phases that can be used very often during daytime like when will you come, Mike? How much is the t-shirt?……such kind of practical use and phases. And I think it is really sweet when Daniel does some specific mark for me if I run into some similar words or make some mistakes. And I can where I am wrong and notice that whenever I saw the words. So Daniel is a pretty good teacher. And I do learn a lot, I can use simple phases asking simple questions and I am always feel excited when I saw Spanish that I know on some shops or books. And the problem is that it is not easy to learn and I need to practice more and more.

Well, I must admit that I am a bad teacher. I am always confused of the thing in my teaching process. I always wonder is that true? Am I talking wrong things about it? I actually can’t convey my meaning very clear but what is lucky is that Daniel is so good at listening and learning, He will ask anytime he didn’t get my meaning and I think it is excellent. Now I finally get the saying that teachers always love the students who can raise questions. This will remind the teacher to do improvements. I talked a little about the value or habits in Chinese family.

The meeting is funny and happy.

We all look forward to the next meeting.

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