Spring in Pyynikki

This time we went to Pyynikki area which is a great place to spend weekends. We were walking inside beautiful forest and talk together. This type Johanna had promise me to introduce the myth of Finnish culture.

This time Johanna had introduced me many different kind of gods, mythical creatures and fairies. For example: elves and fairies had protect humans in the past and some people lived with an evil fairy called para. Para trying to use different animals to steel other people’s stuff. Goblins and gaints are also funny. I knew how people think the church is made mythically. Because of some type of trees, I doesn’t feel that good at that time. I got quiet strong allergy, so we didn’t spend long time in the forest. After enjoying short time sunshine, we keep moving.

We had finally went into Pyynikki tower and having small ice cream there. Even though the trip wasn’t that well, but I learnt many things from the stories.

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