11th Meeting – Russian Samovar and Lullaby

In our 11th meeting we did some repeating of the food words from the last time. Then Nadiia showed me this interesting document about Russian Samovars. It is a great Russian tradition to meet all the family together and drink some tea. All the previous fights are forgiven and forgotten while drinking tea. Some of the Russians even have this habit that if they are so angry with someone, they invite them for a tea and talk to each other via Samovar, like “Could you tell Sergei that he was annoying” (okay maybe not that harsh?). The old way of drinking tea is to pouring it first into the cup and then on the tea plate and drink it from there. I’ve heard that people in Finland have also done that in the old days.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle samovaari

Somehow we also got to talking about music again. She played me this one lullaby:

And I’m sure I have heard this somewhere before but didn’t know it was Russian!

Because I’m going to be working in a camping site for the summer I asked Nadiia to teach me some useful Russian words for it because there might be some Russian tourists that don’t speak English (and of course I also want to practise and improve my Russian).

And as this was our last meeting when Nadiia taught me Russian, it’s time to make a summary. I really think that my Russian have improved this spring. I think I might even understand something if someone speaks me Russian (please don’t speak too fast and mumbling though :D). And now I know lots of new things about the culture. Actually, the culture was quite strange to me before. I have always been more interested in the Western culture but this made me open my eyes and think about the East for a change. They have beautiful architecture and many interesting traditions, especially this Samovar was interesting.  Maybe I’ll even visit Russia sometime or some other Eastern Europe country.

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