FIN-JAP Meeting X: The Finale (and something about trees)

In our last burst of desperation to justify me getting the credits for the course, we met right at the end of May before Aoi left Finland. A topic we discussed was something that was very timely for me: trees and allergies.

Pictured: Death
Pictured: Death

Hay fever, or kafunshou as it’s known in Japan, is apparently a common phenomenon there too, especially thanks to the Japanese cedar tree (sugi) and cypress (hinoki). This is a notable difference from Finland, where the most common causes of pollen allergy aren’t conifers but broad-leaved trees. We talked about differences in flora, or at least what the most commonly known trees are around our countries.

The meeting was a little rushed, but none of us have hard feelings over it. We were all super busy throughout the Spring thanks to other school and life stuff, and at times it felt like we really needed to force things into our schedules to survive. Having made it through ten meetings that justify some sort of blog posts, we hugged and parted ways, knowing that Aoi would leave Finland very soon. I blame the good old Finnish koivu/kabanoki for my eyes being so watery.

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