4th Meeting – Russian Question Words

This meeting we decided to go somewhere else than TAMK where our last meetings had been. So we met at Linna, which is a part of the University of Tampere. It was hard to find a place quiet enough but that still wasn’t in the library area where you actually have to be quiet. After some searching we found a nice sofa downstairs.

Like the last meetings we just went with the flow and Nadiia got to teach me some Russian question words (and some other random words that came to mind). At this point I might add that Russian isn’t Nadiia’s mother tongue but she really speaks and writes it well (perhaps because Russian is very related to Ukranian?). She might say “это просто” but I really think “это сложно”. Fortunately the question words were quite easy and I wasn’t so overwhelmed like the last time. I think it’s partly because before this meeting I was listening some Russian pop music while sitting in the bus and “got into the mood”. Okay, most of the time I had no idea what they were singing about but, hey, didn’t we all listen to English music as kids and tried to sing along without knowing the actual words or their meanings? In the long term it really helps and you start to understand!

After the lecture Nadiia told me what the songs’ names meant in English and, like I thought, most of them was about partying and love like the English ones (some of them were even better). When taking the bus home and listening to the playlist I started to recognize some single words. Yeah, I’m progressing!

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