9th Meeting – Painomustetta

I’m part of TAMK’s very own Theater Club Ääriraja and we made a play for this spring, called Painomustetta. I invited Nadiia to watch our dress rehearsal. For those of you who don’t know theater so much, dress rehearsal means the last rehearsals before the premiere. The play is performed like in a real situation and the director doesn’t interrupt but gives his notes at the end.

Nadiia was a bit further in her Finnish studies so we wanted to give a try on how much she would understand of our play that was all in Finnish. After all we used quite common language in the play, with some slang words of course but if she couldn’t understand, at least the play would be visual with music and dancing.

After the dress rehearsal I asked what she thought the play was about.  She had had some clue of it and some details but didn’t get the whole picture. I explained the plot to her and then some words she had caught but didn’t know the meaning. It was a bit difficult even because she told the words to me as she had heard them and I had to figure out the context before realizing what she meant and explaining them. Because some of the words were really hard to explain without the context. Especially hard was to explain the name “Painomustetta”, it’s like print ink and it comes from that the play’s one focus was on a newspaper. Okay, wasn’t so hard when I put it that way but it wasn’t that easy the first time 😀


By the way, welcome to see our plays in the future!

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