best of EoTo

The further the Journey of this Erasmus goes to an end the better gets the weather!! Spring is finally here 🙂

To use the good weather outside we picked up something’s to eat and a coffee.

After sitting down in the park we used this session as a reflection of what we learned and what our best Moments were.

We all said that we liked the meeting where we cooked for each other the most:).

During our stay here I learned a lot about different cultures. Fernanda explained us the Mexican culture in a beautiful detailed way. I learned a lot from her. And it made me realise that I have to go now to Mexico and visit her beautiful country. Now even with a little bit of Spanish knowledge :).

Enjoying the sun together and learning never felt easier. Because since we start I didn’t found only a study partner I found three more friends.

Vocabulary of the day:

bikini – el bikini

sun – el sol

island – la isla

beach- la playa

sea- la mar

lake- el lago

… And more!

We sat still for a long time at the river as for every session our meeting doesnt stop and we talk still for sometimes hours.

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