FIN-JAP Meeting IX: Becoming Something

As the takatalvi finally seemed to settle down, we met again outside with the noble intention of learning new stuff about our languages. As Spring had finally arrived, seasonal change (and ultimately, change altogether) became the theme of our short meeting that we fit right in the middle of other deadline crossfire.

So how do I say "my notes became rather extensive"?
So how do I say “my notes became rather extensive”?

Apparently in Japanese, the verb naru is used when something changes or becomes something. “Spring came” = haru ni narimashita. However, ni is only used when it’s a noun or a na-adjectve. In other adjectives, like when it gets colder (samui), you add -ku: samuku narimashita. Once again, I had trouble explaining why Finnish uses the word “tulla” (to come) in this context, and the inner battle of proving how all of this is actually logical was as rewarding as ever. However, we knew that the end was near, as we were so far into the Spring season and drowning in other schoolwork, so we just quickly scheduled another quick meeting.

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