[Finnish/French] – Vappu

We met in Vappu day on 1st May, called in France “Fête du travail”  (“Labour Day”) and it is also a day off. We don’t have any specific celebration. During this “international workers’ day” people demonstrate in the street and we offer a blade of lily of the valley.

It was amazing to see the difference in Finland. This celebration lasts 2 days and we met with Nina on Monday. Here, it is a type of carnival. Not only is it a “labour day” but also a day when people celebrate their graduation. Everybody is in the street during two days celebrating, partying and drinking beer on the grass. There is a big vappu market with balloons, candy and party stuff. At night they put a graduation hat on a statue, they sing a song and then it is a “champagne shower” ! I didn’t expect that!

Nina told me there is a characteristic food and drink. People are used to eat a kind of funnel cake, “tippaleipä” and they drink a kind of sweet mead, “sima”.

Moreover, during the day, TUT graduated students go in a cage lifted by a crane that immerse them half in water. I love this concept it is really festive.

We also spoke about party traditions in schools. I was really surprised to hear they have a dancee ball at the end of High school like there is in the USA. The name is “Wanhat” and she told me that girls wear gorgeous dresses and boys white tie and she showed me some photo. In France is really different. At the end of High school I had kind of a prom night but not every school organize that. We are all dressed-up, there is a buffet where we can eat and drink and kind of a dancefloor. On top of that, each year in my current school in Paris, a gala is organized at the end of May where all the students can go but it is especially for student who graduated the year before.

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