Sauna and last meeting :(

Today was Heide’s last day in Tampere. As a kind of farewell we went with her and some friends to the Rauhaniemi Sauna by the lake.

Sauna became one of the main habits I picked up same as Fernanda. Only the last time we went together she didn’t even go with one foot into the frozen water. But today was pay day she promised me to go inside this time and she did 🙂 !

As we went into the sauna we refreshed all our German and Spanish words and sentences that we learned during the meetings. I was surprised from myself how much I learned and that I even have a super small talk with a Spanish friend of Heide Lau. Fernandas pronunciation got really good and she was super exited for her trip to Berlin to use her new German expertise (conocimiento).

After long talks about our Erasmus experiences and our EoTo there were also a couple other members with us in the Sauna of EoTo. We couldn’t handle the sauna anymore as the Fins do 🙂 IMG_3839!

As Heide had to prepare her home journey we had a long and sad goodbye…!

I loved to get to now each other so good but every ending is hard.

EoTo gave me § more friends as I said even if it was sometimes really complicated to met up because of our completely different timetabled and travels! I enjoyed every second of it with u guys 🙂 !!

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