Throwback to S1E08 !

Hello !

this is nearly the end ! This session was a little bit special because we didn’t really teach vocabulary or grammar but we wanted to teach something else, something that even if you don’t understand the language you can do. You got it ? Indeed, we are going to talk about where to go in our country if you want to travel in it.

Let’s start with finland : Even if I lived in it for 6 month i didn’t discover that much of the country, Ulla told me the three places to go if I want to go back with my friends or family !

1st stop : Lapland, I didn’t do it (shame on me) but i will definitely do it later with my family.

2nd stop : Turku if you like old house, museum, churches or cathedral.

3rd stop : all the national park, there is a lot of them and all are beautiful.

What about France ? here is my top 3 I gave to her :

1st stop : Paris. It’s my hometown so it was logical that it was at the beginning. But what can you do ? there is the Tour eiffel, Arc de triomphe,  Champs-élysées, La seine, Bateaux mouche (typical parisian boat you can see and go on),  Louvre… There is also lots of night club, bar, restaurant etc…

2nd stop : Bordeaux, for me it’s the second most beautiful city in France, it’s in the south, it’s sunnier than in Paris, people there are really nice, they have really good wine for everyone, nights club, restaurant, lots of monuments to discover, it’s also not that far from the beach. So yeah everyone should go there.

3rd stop : Biarritz, this city is famous for its good surf’s spot. There is a lot of competition taking place there, it’s more in the south than bordeaux, it’s always sunny. There is the beach as well but I’ll recommend it when it’s the fest called “les férias”. It’s a traditional festival taking place in all basque region where there is a ton of people coming from all over the world. To give you an idea it’s the 2nd biggest village festival avec Rio’s carnival.

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