Throwback to S1E10 !

Hey everyone !

This is it… It’s my last episode of the throwback to series… Don’t be sad, maybe there will be a season 2 ?

Let’s get back on our session recap :

For this special session  we went to the…. school ! We did it while it was an exam week for both of us so we had no other choice than to do it their but who need a less classic place to learn the beauty of finnish and french ? Not us.

In this session we didn’t really learn any vocabulary or grammar but we focused more on the traditional holiday we have.

Here is all the holiday we have in France and Finland

– February 14th : valentin’s day (Saint Valentin)

Nothing special, we do the same in both country and everywhere in the world I guess 

– April 17th : Easter (Lundi de Pâques)

In france, we give each other chocolate egg or for the kids we hide them in the house or garden and they have to find it

In finland —> virpomisoksa children sells it door to door and sometimes dressed as witches

– May 1st : working day(Fête du travail)

We don’t do anything in france

Vappu —> Munkki : famous holiday in Finland.

– June 21st : music fest (Fête de la musique)

We celebrate music all over the country, with concerts, clubs and bar are all open until late, music in the streets, buses and trains are free

– 24 of june : Midsummer, longest day of the year —> people make huge bonfire and sometimes jump over it, it’s a finnish holiday we don’t have it in france.

– July 14th : French national day (Fête nationale)

the president do a parade in the champs élysées with the army and after everyone stays at home with their family, in the night every cities organise fireworks.

– November 11th : Armistice

We don’t anything in particular, we just stay at home and chill while the president is giving speeches.

– 6 of december : Finland national day

The president have a gala in his house

– December: 24, 25th. (Christmas Eve, Christmas)

we eat with our family on Christmas eve and for Christmas lunch, we have the tree, the turkey, foie gras, la buche, we offer present to our relatives

Finland : Joulutorttu

New Year :  the President gives a speech, you are mostly hungover, you stay at home, in finland new year sauna and throw tin in the snow and it gives you your futur.

Thank you Ulla ! It was a pleasure to learn finnish with you !

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