[Finnish/French] – Typical songs

We met in a lovely café called Pella’s café near Koskipuisto because we wanted to chill and eat some pasteries. I was so pleased because they sold “croissant” and I am used to eat this in France. This time we wanted to know more about culture, music and our taste.


We wrote each other a loooong list of various type of music, old and new. I decided to divide my list par period, from old to new songs. First I wanted Nina to know about the “unmissable/old classics songs”, songs that old and new generations recognize and know. For instance, Edith Piaf or Claude Francois. Then I wanted her to discover French, old, pop music which are very popular, everybody knows the lyrics by heart. This is the kind of music we can dance on it like “Images”, “Partenaore Particulier” or “Indochine”. They are old groups known during the 80s’. This part of the list also contains more romantic singers like Celine Dion or Johnny Hallyday. At the end of the list I put recent songs mostly Rap. In France, we, the new generation listens almost only American songs, and the only French songs I listen to are old or Rap songs.
I hope she will like these songs. As she lived few years in France she told me she knew Celine Dion, Stromae and Edith Piaf. If I remember well, she told me her mom was fan of Celine Dion.

We tried to do a similar list. I haven’t listened to all the songs but the ones that “everyone knows, they are random but good” remind me of French songs. To my mind they must be from the same period of time. I enjoy them they are joyful. She also wrote her favorite music band and songs, I really look forward to listen to them!

Finally, one of the aim of this was to try to recognize some words we have learned so far, but I have to admit that I didn’t suceed at all.


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