#10 [Greek/German] Good old times..


It was time to finish this Erasmus, this course and the time in Tampere. Today we didn’t set any plan what to talk about. We just started and said what we were thinking.


We had a lot good experiences in this Erasmus. Starting with the Rauhaniemi Sauna in January. It was the first time we went to a Sauna and then jumped into the frozen lake, such an awesome time. Then we went to our first Ice Hockey match, which was Tappara against Ilves and Tappara won. From this day on we were huge fans and even bought some fan-merch. We participated in some activities from ESN, for example downhill sledging and bubble football. In general, January was the month when Eva and me became friends and decided to do each one teach one together. I learned a lot greek expressions in this month because 5 of my best friends were from Greece.


In February, we did our first trip together. We went on a cruise to Stockholm and back, all of this in one weekend. We continued talking about our personal life back home and the culture of our countries. We never posted anything about this because it seemed too informal for this project, so we met for official meetings.


On our second trip together to a cottage, I taught Eva how to play the guitar and she told me some card games. We went on a 3 hour hike through the Finnish nature and told each other how warm it is in our home countries, while it was snowing on our walk. I learned that Greece can get up to 40 degrees in summer and March was the month when I decided for sure to go to Greece in summer – even though I just got the information about the 40 degrees.


April started with random cats in a café and we found out how much we both loved animals. I myself have a cat back home and it seemed that Eva will get a dog from one of her friends when she comes back home. We spent Easter together and I saw all my Greek friends going to the church on this day, and even though I am not religious at all, I liked the idea of getting together in this way. My friends came to visit me this weekend and we did a roadtrip together to Turku and Helsinki. We had lots of fun and Eva told me and my friends some stories from back home while we were cooking something traditional together. Just kidding – we made pasta and afterwards an additional pizza. In the end of this month, we experienced the opening of särkäniemi park with hundreds of drunk students. In my opinion, riding rollercoasters together bonds you even more, because you have such extreme emotions during the ride.


Then the last and saddest month of all came – May. It started with a Finnish tradition, the Vappu. And while sitting on the grass and watching Finnish students getting dipped into the river, we talked about traditions from our home countries and the different festivals and events we have. In the end we experienced Tampere to the fullest. We went to an abandoned factory, walked through Pispala and had – what I would call – a super Sunday. We started with kayaking on one of the lakes in Tampere, then did a Sauna in Kaupinoja and to finish the day, we did a bonfire near the lake and stayed there until the sun rose again.

We experienced so much together and talked about a lot, that we can’t post here on this blog because it would take too much time. In general it can be said that this Erasmus is an awesome experience and changes you a lot as a person. First you learn so much about different cultures and you just see the persons and the nationality doesn’t matter, because all the people experience the same awesome stuff. Then you learn so many new words – mostly just insults, but sometimes even handy stuff – and your English improves a lot. But most important, you get so many new friends from all over the world and you now have the possibility to visit so many different countries and be sure to always have someone to rely on wherever you go.

Even though, this meeting today was not an official one and we just talked about experiences, I learned a lot. But now is the moment to say goodbye. No, that’s wrong. The right expression is: See you!


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