#5 [Greek/German] And school continues…

Geia su!

After our last meeting with the Alphabet, we decided to continue in this school – style – lessons. So today’s topic are Numbers! Eva had German before and knew some numbers already, but she still had some problems with pronunciation. In Germany, we also have kind of a weird system when it comes to numbers. We say “one and twenty” instead of “twenty one”. But I guess every system is better than the French one, where they say for 99 something like “four times twenty plus nineteen”

1 ένα (ena)

2 δύο (dio)

3 τρία (tria)

4 τέσσερα (tessera)

5 πέντε (pente)

6 έξι (eksi)

7 εφτά (efta)

8 οχτώ or οκτώ (oxto or okto)

9 εννιά (enia)

10 δέκα (deka)

11 έντεκα (enteka)

12 δώδεκα (dwdeka)

13 δεκα-τρία (dekatria)

14 δεκα-τέσσερα (dekatessera)

20 είκοσι (ikosi)

21 εισκοσι-ένα (ikosiena)

30 τριάντα (trianta)

40 σαράντα (saranta)

50 πενήντα (peninta)

58 πενήντα οχτώ (penintaoxtw)

60 εξήντα (eksinta)

70 εβδομήντα (ebdominta)

80 ογδόντα (ogdonta)

90 ενενήντα (eneninta)

100 εκατό (ekato)

135 εκατόν τριάντα πέντε (ekaton trianta pente)

1000 χίλια (hilia)

1264 χίλια διακόσια εξήντα τέσσερα (xilia diakosia eksinta tessera)

In comparison to that, the Greek number system seems totally easy! Well, finally something that is…
Keep updated!


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