#6 [Greek/German] Cats and Insults.

Hey and Geia su!

WOHOO! We went to the cat café today! Because everyone needs a bit of love sometimes and cats are absolutely the best animals to get this from (not really…). After sitting down and ordering some very expensive coffee, it was time to feed the animals and Eva and me were involved in this.


We had an absolutely amazing time and even learned something from it, for example those vocabularies:

Cat – Γάτα (gata)

Café – Καφετερία   (Kafeteria)

Dog – Σκύλος (skilos)

Tea – Τσάι (tsai)

Sugar – Ζάχαρη (zaxari)

Coffee – Καφές (kafes)

Glass – Ποτήρι (potiri)

Water – Νερό (nero)


And as we were sitting in a café, we also decided to talk about phrases and how to behave in a restaurant.


Hello, one coffee/tea please!

Γεια σας, έναν καφέ/τσάι παρακαλώ!
(geia sas enan kafe/tsai parakalo)


The bill please!

Τον λογαριασμό παρακαλώ!
(ton logariasmo parakalw)


Can I have the card/menu?

Μπορώ να έχω το μενού, παρακαλώ;
(mporo na exo to menu parakalo)


Can I have one glass of water please?

Μπορώ να έχω ένα ποτήρι νερό, παρακαλώ;
(mporo na exo ena potiri nero parakalo)


We were there with a German friend of mine and another friend of Eva and at some point, me and my friend started talking about typical phrases in the German language, because one of them involves a cat. It is called “Die Katze aus dem Sack lassen” and means something like “let the cat out of the bag” which stands for relieving a secret. Eva then told me some of her funny phrases.

Κύλισε ο ντέντζερης και βρήκε το καπάκι
(kilise o ntetzeris kai brike to kapaki)

Greeks say that when they want to say that someone is made for another. Not only romanticly, but also for good friends etc. Literally translated it means the pot rolled and found its lid.


Τα μεταξωτά βρακιά θέλουν και επιδέξιους κώλους
(ta metaksota brakia theloun kai metaksotous kolous)

Greeks say that if they want to say that something doesn’t fit to someone because it is above his level. We use it either literally or ironicaly, if we want to say that someone has huge expectations from himself or he becomes cocky. Literally translated it means that silk underwear are made for high demand butts.


Όσα δεν φτάνει η αλεπού τα κάνει κρεμαστάρια
(osa den ftanei I alepu ta kanei kremastaria)

Greeks say that when they want to say that someone is jealous of something just because he is not able to do that and it appears to make the situation like it doesn’t matter or it’s not a big deal. Literally translated it means anything that the fox cannot reach, it makes them hooks (sth useless)


Άσε μας κουκλίτσα μου
(ase mas koyklitsa mou)

Mostly young people use this one, since is one of the newest saying we have. We use it when we want sb to leave us alone and stop talking or to show discomfort. Literally translated it means leave me alone dolly.


We also talked about insults very short, but I guess it’s not worth mentioning here.
So keep updated and


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