#9 [Greek/German] Movie night!

Geia su!

Today we decided to have a relaxing meeting. We met at home and started my Netflix account – no product placement – and looked for an interesting movie. As we are both Disney fans and haven’t seen this one, we started watching MOANA.

To describe it shortly – it is a computer animated movie and is described as a mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the south pacific. The film follows the journey of a spirited teenager named Moana as she embarks on a quest across the Pacific Ocean to save her people.


Sometimes who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, is just not meant to be…
~Sina from Moana the movie


Out of pure joy, we decided to watch it in Greek with German subtitles. And luckily, we understood the movie! It was an interesting experience, to hear it in a language I can’t really understand, but see the text and being able to understand it.

In general the movie is a lot about family and it is also the first Disney princess (after Frozen) to not just wanting to find her prince in the end and live happily ever after. Even though the story is not really realistic, the idea is finally something new and people get to see, that there is more purpose in live than just finding a partner and die together. As I said, the movie states family as the most important part and Moana tries to save her friends and family, so after watching it, we drifted apart and talked about our families.

Eva told me about her big family with over 40 people and how often they gather together and meet. I found it very nice but I can see a big difference to my family. Usually we just see everyone if there is something big happening, a birthday, Christmas or Easter. Then the whole family meets, but it seems that Greek people meet the whole family in a big event once per month and eat a lot. It’s an awesome tradition and shows how different the cultures are, when it comes to family. For my opinion, most of the southern countries have a way deeper bond to their relatives and see family as the priority number one. I don’t want to say, it’s not like this in Germany. It is just different how we deal with this topic. We usually try to get independent very early from our parents and start building up our own family with children and wife/husband, while it seems that southern countries try to stay with their parents as long as they have the chance for it.

This all are just assumptions, I don’t have any proof for it. I talked to a lot of people during my Erasmus in Finland and that’s the picture I got from it.

Anyway, I think we all agree that Family and Friends are the most important things in our live and we should always appreciate them and be thankful for having them in our lives!

Keep updated and Greetings,

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