Karelian Pasties and Nostalgic Cartoons

Last time our mouths were filled with a Hungarian delicacy pogácsa.
This time it was Finlands time to show a counter move. I seriously didn’t have any idea what to bake because my style of food rarely includes Finnish bakings. Luckily one of our groups  lovely lady Melinda has a sweet spot for finnish bakings. She decided that we should do Karelian pasties or Karjalan piirakka.

We met up with Helgas place this time. I have always heard from my friends and relatives how hard it is to make Karelian pasties and I was a little skeptical. Melinda had this old cooking book that looked like it came straight from the year 1950. It had different finnish delicacies (and other of course) written in hungarian. I don’t know if it had some mystical powers or something but our Karelian pasties came almost perfectly. Though before we baked them I had to leave the girls alone for a while because I had to go to practice. When i came back they had baked them. Maybe they went to the grocery store and change them?

We had our great feast on Helgas floor (Yeeaah she is missing a sofa). During our feast we decided to watch some old cartoons. Hungaria has so many original cartoons. We watched Mézga család, or in English ‘family Mézga’. I tried to show girls original Finnish cartoons and only I could come up was moomins. I even tried to google some but I just couldn’t find any. I just noticed how most of the “Finnish” cartoons are just dupped versions. It broke my world for a minute.

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