I raise… wait this wasn’t poker?

This time we met at Melindas place. She has a nice apartment but she is too missing a sofa.
(Maybe it is a Hungarian thing?)

Helga had brought these Hungarian playing cards. I think im at least a average player on cards so this would be easy preasy. Though these cards were a little different than “normal” playing cards. Instead going from 2 to 10 then jack, queen, king and ace. These cards (in order from lowest to highest) were 7, 8, 9, low, high, king, 10 and ace. Low looked like a Jack and High looked like a richer version of Jack.

Well anyway you couldn’t play any games I knew with these cards so Helga teached us two games, snapszer and zsír. First I got destroyed in both of these games but as time moved on I caught the hang of it. It was really fun and I loved every bit of it!

In the end we changed to “normal” playing cards and played tikki, maija and cross 7.
Guess who won those rounds? (Spoiler alert: Yours truly 😉 )

Not Yours truly

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