Beautiful Finlands nature and awesome doughnuts

This time meeting took us to the beautiful tower near central of Tampere called Pyynikkis observation tower. Our main goal there was to eat traditional Finnish deep fried doughnuts or munkki (also a monk) as we call them. After challenging the girls to eat they munkkis without licking their lips (they failed… but so did I) we went for a walk in the nearby forest.

Compering first the most obvious things, lakes. Finland isn’t called country of a thousand lakes for no reason. We have approximately 187 888 lakes in Finland (okay I looked it up im sorry) and the biggest one is lake Saimaa covering 4400 sqkm. In Hungary there aren’t nearly as many lakes and most of them are quite small. Only exception for this is lake Balaton that is the biggest lake in middle Europe  (Though “only” covering 600 sqkm).

Melinda and Helga loved Finland for it’s forests and lakes. They said comparing to Hungary nature is very easy to find in here. It seriously takes to walk maximum 15 minutes to any direction to find a forest. Though I love Finland I would love to visit Hungary sometime. Seeing the nature there and making my own conclusions.


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