Cáfe dialects

Time for a coffee!

After meeting at the local coffee shop we started talk about dialect in Finland and Hungary.
When thinking about Hungary the dialects don’t seem pop up as much as in Finland. They are there but aren’t that noticeable. Thought it seems the old people speak differently comparing to young ones.

The so called written Finnish is very different comparing to the spoken one. Because dialect is very noticeable in Finland, where ever you go here you will always pump into it.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle finlands dialect zones

There are seven main dialect zones in Finland.
Most of the dialects are very similiar. Changing only couple of letters from the word or changing it to a similiar sounding one. Though there are couple of dialects that when heard, you know they are speaking Finnish, but you dont understand anything what they are saying. Even if you’re a native Finnish speaker.

English: Did you understood or do I have to say it again?
Written Finnish: Käsititkö sinä mitä sanoin vai pitääkö minun sanoa se uudestaan?
Spoken Finnish (My dialect): Kässäsit sie vai pitääks miu uuestaa sanoo?

Good luck trying!

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