The last supper *sadpianomusic*

Our journey as a each one teach one group has come to the end. Because our meeting started with a food, it must end with a food. So it was time for a cake. But because neither one of ours birthday wasn’t that day, we named the cake no- birthday cake.

After coming to the Helgas place (still no sofa!) I noticed the sad feeling in the air. We were not going to get it bother the last meeting though. Melinda took her old trusty 1950s Hungarian cook book and we looked up the cake recipe. Everyone started the working right away.


Cake was fairly easy to make (though I had to do all the hard work because it’s mans job) and it was really delicious. Helga had even bought candles for the cake. It really did look like a no- birthday cake!


Melinda wanted to translate the cake recipe in Finnish so I helped her a little. We played the same Hungarian playing cards as before and talked about everything we had learn. We spent a nice afternoon just chilling, chatting, eating, playing cards and watching Hungarian cartoons. In the end we had to say goodbye to each other. I loved the course and meeting new and interesting people is always fun and exciting! Hope I will see the ladies again in the future.

Good night everybody! oh wait this wasn’t a talk show, ohwell.

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