Way too much celebration for sports

The same afternoon that our walk in the park meeting was, there was a huge celebration party in the central market. We decided that we should make our next meeting there.

As snow poured down from the heavens and wind blew like a hairdryer when thousands of fans came to celebrate the victory of Tamperes own hockey team, Tappara. This was the second year in a row that Tappara had won the national championship . In the middle of the crowd our group shouted with the rest of the people. They had brought a big stage and even the mayor came to give a speech about the hockey team. In this  mishmash Helga asked me why do we Finns celebrate sports wins so much and truth to be told, im wasn’t so sure.

I told them that somehow us Finns are so patriotic that any big win in the world get celebrated hard. I don’t know if it is because our country (more like the population) is so small that a victory makes the world notice us more. When comparing Tapparas celebration party to the 2011 world championship celebration party, the difference is a big one. In Helsinki there were over 100 000 people gathering in Helsinkis marketplace and even the president came to shook hands with the team and gave a speech. Many famous bands played songs and the celebration lasted for hours and hours.  Finally ending with a big fireworks.

As the time flew in the Tapparas celebration party the weather got even worse and it started to rain icy water. We were freezing our butts off but we still stayed till the end. Most have been quite the memory for the ladies.

Great time with great friends.

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