Monthly Archives: July 2017

Brazilian lunch #6

We had a typical Brazilian lunch for our sixth meeting. Renata had invited me and her Brazilian friend for lunch. As the theme was Brazilian for this meeting, we spoke mostly in Portuguese this time. It was not only the language and food that was the same as in Brazil but we also listened to Brazilian hit songs. I heard some cool new songs from Brazil and got a nice tip to follow top lists by country on Spotify. Now I’ve been listening to more Brazilian music and maintaining the language skills that way also a bit better.

Me, Renata and Cecília having a good time.

The Brazilians eat really similarly every lunch. It consists of rice, beans, meet and some vegetables. Even though it’s always pretty much the same, it’s delicious every time. Now that I realized the Brazilian food made here in Finland is delicious as well, I need to buy some time beans from the store and try if I can make as good food as my Brazilian friends.



Rice, beans, meet and vegetables. Coca-cola is also a typical drink for lunch in Brazil.

Restaurant living room #5


For our fifth meeting we went once again to a new place, restaurant living room. We hadn’t met there before and it was actually a totally new place for me. It was a spacious place to meet and talk in peace as the place was pretty empty in the afternoon.

It was hard to stick to only our EOTO languages Finnish and Portuguese but we quickly changed from English when it happened. During our meeting we talked about the cold weather and what an international friend could experience while visiting Finland during the “summer”. It was still early summer and there were news that in Lapland a ski resort is opening a hill or two for some midnight skiing. That is something amazing even though a bit disappointing that the weathers had been so chilly still in June.

Going away from school really makes these meetings more relaxed and it makes speaking not only Portuguese but also Finnish more natural. I do not need to think as much what and how to speak but rather just speak normally. Also these different environments  make it easier to come up with new conversations as we are surrounded by food, art and so on. I hope we continue to manage meeting away from school in the future as well.

Lunch at Katmandu #4

After a long break we managed to meet up with Renata in June as the holidays had started. It was good that we went somewhere else than TAMK for the first time. This way it felt a lot more natural and fun to talk in both Finnish and Portuguese. It did not feel like we were forced to have a meeting and to talk about just something.

Katmandu was a new restaurant to me so it was nice experiencing something new. At the restaurant we talked about food, eating habits and summer plans. Not only did my language skills get better but I heard about a fun job opportunity! Renata had heard that Helsinki Cup, a huge international soccer tournament was still looking for portuguese speaking guides. So I applied and just finished my week as a guide for Brazilian and some other international teams. So thanks to Renata and EOTO for these opportunities!