6th meeting, GOT STYLE

In light of the recent release of the new episode of Game of Thrones, Gareth and I, decided to have a language class with words referring to the series we both love and adore! Personally this has been my favorite class besides our little exchange of foods as I am a freak for Game of Thrones and hopefully Gareth’s opinion wasn’t too far off mine.

As always we prepared a word list to  match the words in English, Danish and Spanish.

Danish                                                                  English                                                                        Spanish

Hest                                                                       Horse                                                                               Caballo

Ulv                                                                         Wolf                                                                                      Lobo

Gud                                                                       God                                                                                       Dios

Vinter                                                                   Winter                                                                             Invierno

Sværd                                                                   Sword                                                                              Espada

Dolk                                                                       Dagger                                                                              Navaja

Spøgelse                                                              Ghost                                                                          Fantasma

Borg                                                                       Castle                                                                              Castillo

Sommer                                                               Summer                                                                          Verano

Herre                                                                    Lord                                                                                      Señor

Kongens hånd                                                   The Kings hand                                          La mano del rey

Drage                                                                    Dragon                                                                             Dragon

Dværg                                                                   Dwarf                                                                                 Enano


I hope that we will be able to possible have yet another “class” about possibly gaming or another series, even if it means deviating from our pre-made plan!


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