EARLI bird gets the worm

Time for the 7th EOTO meeting. Early summer, Gareth and I both decided to volunteer at the EARLI and JURE event as part of our HR module as we’d be able to skip out on a lousy essay and get a lovely addition to the CV. I was doing cloak-room duty the whole week for 6-7 hours every day and it was kind of tough but also rather enjoyable as this specific post enabled me to talk more with the participants which turned out to be a very nice experience.

Furthermore, Gareth was able to stop by every now and then between his shifts so I didn’t have to be completely bored during some sessions as I was always guarding/working at the place alone!

Spanish                                                            Danish                                                       English

Arriba                                                                 Op                                                              Up

Derecha                                                            Højre                                                        Right

Izquierda                                                           Venstre                                                   Left

Abajo a la derecha                                       Ned og så til højre                                Down and to the right

Abajo                                                                 Ned                                                           Down

Arriba a la izquierda                                     Op og så til venstre                             Up and to the left

Recto                                                                  Lige/Lige ud                                           Straight

Cruza la calle                                                  Over vejen                                              Cross the street

Cerca                                                                Tæt på                                                        Close

Lejos                                                                   langt væk                                                Far


Honestly I haven’t been able to remember many of the words yet as I wasn’t able to use them as much in practice as I was mostly speaking, Danish, German and English at the event, but I guess I’ll try to practice a bit when I need to call out the enemy position while gaming with Gareth!

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