Forced fun

As a HR assignment we were forced into groups to be all fuzzy and cudly and therefore we had to go out and bond with the rest of the team and I weren’t particular happy about it and I believe Gareth wasn’t either.
Despite the forced bonding we decided to go and give it our best and it ended up being a fairly ok experience talking with new students and of course, a beer now that we had to play pool (As you can see in the pic).

We tried learning just a few words this time as to not load on too much as we might have the other times and here is the list.

Danish                                                                  English                                                                 Spanish

Øl                                                                            Beer                                                                      Cerveza

Pool                                                                       Pool                                                                       Billar

Kø                                                                           Cue                                                                       Palo de billar

Venner                                                                 Friends                                                                 Amigos

Rusland                                                                 Russia                                                                   Rusia

Frankrig                                                                France                                                                  Francia

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