Sushi for life

9th meeting, sushi style!

This time we had decided to go to Gareths favorite sushi place called Roka Sushi and I was intrigued to say the least. I have always been a huuuuge fan of Sushi so trying out yet another place was a must for me! We first had gone to the gym so when we finally arrived we were damn hungry!

Gareth and one of our friends ended up ordering sushi and I ended up having a change of mind so tried one of their chicken dishes so that we could all try and share!

It ended up being a great decision and despite the food being a bit pricey it really was such an amazing meal and I definitely have to go there again.

Sadly we were so hungry that we had eaten everything before we got to take a picture of the  magnificent meal.

Here is a list of the few words we decided to teach each other while eating.

Danish                                                                  English                                                                 Spanish

Ris                                                                          Rice                                                                        Arroz

Kylling                                                                   Chicken                                                                Pollo

Salat                                                                      Salad                                                                     Ensalada

Gulerod                                                               Carrot                                                                   Zanahoria

Fisk                                                                        Fish                                                                        Pez

Rå                                                                           Raw                                                                       Crudo

Suppe                                                                   Soup                                                                      Sopa

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