The end of a busy summer

Final meeting of drinking!

So for the last meeting, we decided we would go out with a bang, quite literally, and have a good old game of drinking FIFA. Really just like normal FIFA, except there are punishments for every mistake you make and I can say that we ended up making more and more as it day grew shorter.

During this we thought it would make sense to translate words associated with the whole escapade.

Danish                                                  English                                                                 Spanish

Vin                                                         Wine                                                                     Vino

Chips                                                     Crisps                                                                    Patatas fritas

Fodbold                                               Football                                                                Futbol

Straffe                                                  Penalty                                                                 Penalti

Gult kort                                              Yellow card                                                         Tarjeta amarilla

Rødt kort                                             Yellow card                                                         Tarjeta roja


It feels great to be finally over. Not because I do not wish to learn anymore, but we both have been very busy doing the whole summer and haven’t been able to finish earlier and it’s just been on the back of my mind. So thank you Gareth, I’m sure we will be teacher each other more in the future!

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