First Meeting @TAMK

At the first Meeting we chose a classroom at TAMK to discuss our Plan for the EachOneTeachOne meetings.

We are a group of five people divided into a Swiss, a Spaniard, two German and a Malaysian. All of us are going to teach their languages and learn the one from the others. We started to get to know each other first. Everyone talked a bit about his home country and it was amazing to listen to the different stories.


After that we created the Preliminary Plan for our meetings. We agreed to chose the way of “learning by doing”. So every meeting is going to be an activity and during this activities we are going to learn the languages.


In the end of the first meeting we introduced ourselves in 3 different languages.

English                       German                         Mandarin                      Spanish

Hello                             Hallo                               ni hao                              hola

My Name is….           Mein Name ist….        Wo de ming zi….         me llamo

I´m studying….        Ich studiere….             Wo zai….                        Estudio….

I´m….years old        Ich bin….Jahre alt      Wo….sui                        Tengo….años


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