First meeting, Plevna Panimoravintola



My name is Pauliina and I’m from Tampere, Finland. I’m participating this course with Helena who is from Germany but has lived in Switzerland for last couple of years. Our plan is to learn the language so that we are able to get through the daily life with it. I want to teach her Finnish habits as well as the language. I think that this course will be very helpful for both of us and Helena has a great opportunity to get to know Finland and Tampere more deeply than without the course.

Our first meeting’s idea was to get to know each other and at the same time to take a first look for our countries foods. What could be better way to start this journey than a good Finnish and German food and beer? We head our way to Plevna brewery and restaurant. We talked about our countries food and drinking habits, read the menüs with both languages and of course we ate and drank beer. We also had a brainstorm of all the things we would like to do and where to meet during the course. For example we decided to go to forest and pick mushrooms and berries! I found out that currywurst (which I took) is very typical food in Germany and it’s often eaten with sauerkraut and potatoes. Helena took very basic Finnish food pyttipannu, which is usually food that people eat if they have nothing else in fridge but sausage, last days left over potatoes and onion. The food was amazingly good even though it’s very simple,  and I think that is at least one thing that is similar for our countries food. I learned that “Prost!” means same than “kippis!” (cheers in English) in Finnish and I taught that to Helena right away.

We had a great time and after this kind of a start, I can’t wait to get really into teaching and learning! She must be a perfect partner for this course! 🙂



<-Me with my currywurst and beer.

My happy EOTO-partner Helena with her pyttipannu->


Menü in German.

Until next post; Pauliina

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