First meeting with Neea and Maris!

Neea, Maris and I had our first meeting together! We met at TAMK´s cafeteria to have a coffee and talk about what we want to learn during this course. Nea and Maris already know some basic Spanish so I will teach them more vocabulary and verbs for having everyday conversations.

On the other hand, they will teach me Finnish from the very beginning. To start with they taught me how to write in a second hand Facebook group Hei, olisko kellään talvitakkia koossa M? (Hi, would anyone have a winter coat size M?) A really useful thing because winter is coming.

It was a wonderful first meeting because we got to know each other, we talked about our different cultures and finally we did a brain storming of ideas for things to do and all of them were great and fun. We also talked about taking to every meeting a Finnish and a Spanish song with printed lyrics so we can learn vocabulary and new songs as we are all music lovers!

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