Visiting Street Food Fiesta

I met with Mutsumi and Tero yesterday at Hämeenpuisto Street Food Fiesta to practise our Finnish/Japanese skills. We also met Mutsumi’s roommate Gabriela from Uruguay  and friend Mia from Portugal.

While we where walking around and visiting various stalls, I learned completely new thing from Mutsumi. That was how to use “-sou” in Japanese grammar. A very simple example:

if something is expensive it is “takai”.

But if I think it looks expensive I can say “takasou”.

I found a great website which has more examples. But I think learning how to use “-sou” in various occasions will be very helpful. I also learned some useful sentences like “Onaka ga suiteimasu” (I’m hungry) and how to count small animals (as there were some dogs/puppies). As so as, one of the difficulties in Japanese language is the amount of counters for various size/shape objects.

Mutsumi was very eager to learn Finnish and wrote down many sentences on how to buy/order things. She already knows some of the Finnish basics (like numbers from 1 to 10) and has a Finnish language textbook. She also can write down Finnish easily when I told her some basic sentences. For our next meeting, we agreed to bring some photos of family so we learn how to talk about family ties. I’m looking forward for the next meeting as we had such a good time yesterday!

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