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Today I met Mutsumi at Tamk and she was able to help me with my homework for Japanese classes. I had a tricky news article to translate from Japanese to Finnish.

But we worked on that together and I will shine on my Japanese class as I understand the article well now:) Thank u Mutsumi!

We were also showing each other pictures of our family. It was fun and I realized many important things. For example I thought that “kanojo” always means a girlfriend but the meaning of the word is actually wider and I can use it on other occasions also. We also had good cultural discussions because I learned that the name “Mutsumi” actually comes from the verb “mutsumu” which means getting along with others:)

For the Finnish part we used Mutsumi’s Finnish textbook and practised the basic expressions, pronunciation, stating months and dates. I also told Mutsumi some short phrases that people use in daily life because some of the phrases on the textbook are not so handy. And because we are in Tampere, I needed to mention “moro” and “morjens” (both mean hi/bye) because u cannot avoid hearing those in some occasions. Time really flew by quickly but we were able to discuss many things. A great session!

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  1. It was really good to read about Mutsumi’s name, it suits her perfectly! 🙂

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