3. Meeting: Metsä, sieni ja hyvää ruoka

Since I am here in Finland, I feel so much closer to nature than I did even back home in Switzerland. All these hikes in the woods, the swamp areas and at lake shores do a lot with me. I cannot get enough of making fire, chopping firewood or sleeping outside.

There are so many things that keep me amazed and make me so happy – For example  my last meeting with Pauliina in the forest. I always wonder about what kind of hundrets of mushrooms there are, what the differences are, what names they have and which ones I could eat and which not.

Pauliina knows a lot about them and has a very nice mushroom book from her mom, so we went to the forest to pick some finnish mushrooms and learn more about them!


After some steps, below the leaves, we already found the first eatable mushrooms – The black trumpet mushroom (Mustatorvisieni). This one is hard to find, because it looks like a dark fallen leave from the top. But we soon found some!

We looked at a lot of different mushrooms and searched them in the book and read about them. I want to introduce some of them to you:

The Mantelihapero (brittlegill) is eatable. It has his name because of its colour, but it can have slightly different colours, too.




We haven’t found any Korvasieni (brain mushroom), but I just thought that this mushroom is kind of special: If it is raw, it is very poisonous and dangerous – There are two red skulls as a sign in the book. But once you cook it, it is perfectly eatable (Three stars). I am not quite sure if I would try this…


The Niittyhaarakas (Meadow Coral) is neither poisonous nor really eatable – More an indifferent kind of mushroom. I thought it has a funny and interesting shape.



The Vaaleaorakas (hedgehog mushroom) looks very weird from the button with all its little dots and stings. But it is totally eatable.



And then – You might not believe this, because we didn’t – we found incredibly many trumpet chanterelles! No, don’t even think about it – I will definately not tell you the spot ;-). It was overwhelming, we have not planned that. They where growing everywhere and there were also some very big ones! The trumpet chanterelle has a very yellow foot and is a little more brown at the top. The more I looked at them, the more I figured that you cannot really confuse them. And when there is one of them, there will be more of them in the closer area, since they never just grow by themselves alone. I liked the finnish word “suppilovahvero” for it.

These many chanterelles brightened my heart. It was so beautiful to see, that they are just there and it is such a success to spot them. When you pick them, they are really beautiful and I was so thankful to learn, that the forest provides so much food for us humans.

Speaking of food and having all these nice chanterelles in our basket, we went to Pauliinas place and fried some black trumpet mushrooms for the taste and cooked an incredibly nice and tasty chanterelle sauce with pasta. This taste is so unique and so rich, I could not believe it.

I learned so much.
First, that there are so many different kinds of mushrooms and they sometimes look so much alike and sometimes not. The diversity is very rich.
Second, that there are very poisonous ones and if you are not 100% sure about your mushroom, better not pick it and leave it.
Third, that it is soooo hard to find them sometimes and you need to be patient. I will probably never become a good mushroom picker.

And last but not least – That it is one of the most beautiful and wonderful moments when you find a place that has many – And that nature is such a gift.

Thank you so much for teaching me Pauliina and showing me more sides of finnish forests!

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