Mexican Independance Day

Our second meeting was at a public kitchen which some Mexican guys rented for the evening.

Jacqueline and I arrived as one of the first so that we could help cooking the Mexican dish. We started preparing Sope. The Sope dough is made of corn flour,  salt and water. After making small circles out of the dough it gets fried in a pan. Then the Sopes are filled with fried smashed beans, cream, pulled chicken, cheese, lettuce, onions and salsa.

After some minutes more mexican people arrived and we started listening to Mexican music, dancing, talking and eating. All the people I got to know at this evening were very friendly, open minded, hilarious and in good mood.

Later some other girls were preparing Quesadillas. The Quesadillas dough is made of corn-flour and water. The dough is filled with cheese. And finally the Quesadillas are getting fried.

All in all the afternoon and evening with all the Mexican guys was amazing. And I would appreciate to spend such a day again.

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