Mother,  äiti and 妈妈(ma ma).

Our second meeting start on  the day we decided on last week.We don’t have the nervous when we meet like last time.This time, we want to learn family members from each other.Here is the list.

English                                                     Finish                                                  Chinese

Mother                                                     äiti                                                      妈妈  ma ma   母亲  mu qin

Father                                                       isä                                                       爸爸 ba ba     父亲  fu qin

Grandmother                                        isoäiti                                                奶奶Nai nai (fathers mother)

外婆wai po (mothers mother)

Grandfather                                        isoisä                                                  爷爷 ye ye(fathers mother)

外公 wai gong (mothers father)

Brother                                                  veli                                                    哥哥 ge ge (older than you)

弟弟 di di (younger than you)

Sister                                                  sisko                                                   姐姐 jie jie (older than you)

妹妹mei mei (younger than you)

And I want to talk about the uncle and  aunt.Each of them both have five different words and different means to use in Chinese.When Polina ask me the reason,I think maybe Chinese people put family in a very important way.

We decided to spend two hours on this meeting,and when we finish our teaching and learning,we still have half an hour.So we talk about the history of the language and some interesting phenomenon in the language. Polina tell me Finland and Sweden once are from a country.And Finland announced that they are independence from 1917.So they are still many people speak Swedish as their national language.That’s the reason why Polina still learn Swedish now.And she said that is really difficult for her but she know its useful.Finally,we talk about the dialect.Maybe when you go to another place,you know somebody speak Finnish but you don’t know the mean of that.That is funny.

We are looking for the next time.


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