Bicultural word game

Today we had our first EOTO-meeting!

We are a group of six people, consisting of 3 Spanish girls, 1 Spanish guy and then Thomas and I (who are Belgian). We all met each other during previous courses and parties.
We decided to take this course all together and made a WhatsApp-group as soon as we were accepted in the course.

We agreed that one of our apartments was the best place to meet up for the first time, since it’s easier to make plans when there’s no disturbance.

Thomas and I took the bus to the city center, where the other members of our group live. We gathered in the common area and had a cup of coffee/tea first.
We skipped the ‘meeting part’ because we already knew each other a little.
First off, we brainstormed about some things we could do in the upcoming meetings, and how we want to teach our language to each other.

Next, for today’s meeting, Aranzazu came up with the idea of a word game.
In this game, we each took a turn to write a word in our native language and the others had to guess what it meant.
Challenge: your word had to start with the last two (or three) letters of the previous word.


After that, we just sat around the table and talked for a while. We showed our hometown and discussed the upcoming trip to Stockholm with CLINT.

Today was a chill first meeting and I’m really looking forward to the next meetings!

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