Our first EOTO meeting

Today, the 23rd of September, we had our first “Each One Teach One” meeting.

Our group consist of 6 students: 4 Spanish (Angel, Marta, Christina and Aranzazu) and 2 Belgians (Arne & me).

We decided to meet in the city centre where the Spanish student’s live, as it was the easiest for everyone. We went to a common area and drank some tea and coffee first and talked about our stay in Tampere. We didn’t really have to introduce ourself to one another, as we’ve already met a few times. So we decided to come up with some activities that we could do in the next meetings. We came up with canoeing on a lake, having a barbecue, cultural evening, …

Then we decided to play a word game. The game was to write a word in your own language and the others had to guess what it meant. The next word had to start with the ending letters of the previous word and had to be in a different language, this little feature made it actually quite difficult. The words were then translated to English so everyone knew what they meant.

After this game, we planned our next activity, we talked about our stay in Tampere and the cruise to Stockholm on Sunday.

I really enjoyed this meeting and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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