2nd meeting: Family

Our second meeting was on Tuesday the 19th of September after my class. The topic of this meeting was family. I taught Min different kinds of family related words in Finnish and he taught me the same things in Chinese.

I was once again very amazed at how different our languages are. I learned that in Chinese there are five different ways of saying the word “uncle”. Five! And I thought Finnish “eno” and “setä” would be too complicated to learn..  I also learned that there are a lot of words for “cousin”. It depends on the age and gender of the cousin. Interesting!

In addition to learning the language we also talked about our countries in general. Min told me how family is very important in China, and that is probably why they have so many different words and meanings in that topic. He also told me  a little bit about the history of Chinese language which was very interesting.

I on the other hand told Min a little bit about Finnish history. He learned that this year we´re celebrating 100 years of independency here in Finland! We also discussed the fact that we have to study Swedish here, which is different compared to China. It is very cool that we´re not only learning the language but also getting to know the cultures of our countries! That is what internationality is all about 🙂

Until next time!


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