First meeting of Korean/Chinese group

Hello, everyone! I am Min Song and come from China. I will learn Korean and teach Chinese. The other members in our group are Yun, who come from Korea、Xia Chu and Kaikai Ji, both of them from China.

On 20th September (Wednesday), we had the first meeting. We decided to meet at the campus cafe in the whatsapp group in advance, since we thought it is easy for us to find.

At beginning, it was the Chinese teaching time. We all think the language basic is so important, so we decided to teach the phonetic symbol (it is called pingyin in China) firstly.we have prepared some teaching materials, it is like the picture as follows:

we also prepared some exercise,  which are some daily use words:

Good morning—早上好(Zao Shang Hao);      Hello—你好(Ni Hao);    I am—我是(Wo Shi);     Thankyou—谢谢(XieXie);   Sorry—对不起(Dui Bu Qi);   Excuse me—打扰一下(Da Rao Yi Xia).

Then it was the Korean time, and Yun has prepared Korean soundmark for us:

Yun taught us how to read them and how to combine  two parts, it was so interesting. And before Yun had taught us some daily use words:I love you—사랑해( sa lang hei);     Hello—안녕하세요(a ni a seyou);    Brother (just for girls to use)—오빠(o ba).

We thought it will be difficult for us to pronounce , but in fact, we did it, since Korea and China pronunciation have some similar things . Actually not only in the pronunciation , but also in culture we have lots of same aspects, for example, we both have lunar calendar  and zodiac. I think culture is reflected by language, so if we want to know something about one country , we should learn it language deeply. At the same time, I found language is so majical and colorful.

We have a nice time with each other, and I look forward to next meeting!




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