Learning through music

Tuesday 19.9.2017

Today in our second meeting we really dived in these two languages (Finnish and Spannish). We started by having lunch together in Tamk’s cafeteria and going through some basic small talk Teresa already knows about Finnish. The conversation soon turned into weather differences in Finland and Spain and we taught her how to tell about Finnish weather. It was also good rehearse for us about the same topic.

está nublado = on pilvistä = it’s cloudy

está soleado = on aurinkoista = it’s sunny

está lloviendo = sataa = it’s raining

está nevando = sataa lunta = it’s snowing

nieve = lumi = snow

lluvia = sade = rain

hace viento = tuulee = it’s windy

hace frío = on kylmä = it’s cold

hace calor = on kuuma = it’s hot (when talked about weather or in general)

tengo calor = minulla on kuuma = I’m (feeling) hot (when it’s just you)

I also paid more attention to verbs she mentioned while explaining this for I’ve basicly forgot all the Spanish verbs and really need to study them again to be able to speak the language. Here are couple of those verbs:

tomar = ottaa = take

hacer = tehdä = do smth/make

estar = olla olemassa = be/feel

tener = olla/omistaa = have

poder = voida = can

sentir = tuntea = feel

perder = hukata jtn = loose smth

poderse = eksyä = to get lost

When planning for this course we all knew we wanted to use music as a way to learn. For today Teresa and Marisa had picked us two songs we listened and translated. Teresa wants to learn famous Finnish songs you’d hear in a club so that she would know them when they play them in there. That’s why Marisa had chosen her a song called “Sä oot söpö” (=you are cute) by Hank Solo feat Sanni. The Spanish song we listened was called Me Rehúso (= I refuse) and it was about a love story. I actually really liked that song and was happy to notice I already understood some of it.





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