Jos metsään haluat mennä nyt niin takuulla yllätyt!


What a lovely day! My title is from Finnish song for children, it means: “If you want to go to forest, you will be surprised” and we sure did!

Today me and Helena decided to go to see some wonders of Finnish forests: we enjoyed the peace and quietness, ate some berries and tried to find some “suppilovahvero’s” (funnel chanterelles)  and “mustatorvisieni’s” (black trumpets). Today it was more about me teaching her and I taught her what I have learned from my mother as being in forest and picking mushrooms. My mother borrowed me mushroom book so it was lot easier to show them from the book for example how the names are written and also she (and me) could learn if the mushroom is eatable or not. I know a lot of them but there is SO many different mushrooms species and it was impossible to identify them all. We sure tried though!

I knew a few spots in the forest before and we headed to Kaukajärvi (name changed ’cause true mushroomers rarely reveal their spots).  We didn’t have to walk long since we found first mushrooms, the black trumpets! These are very highly valuated and you can buy them from the markets such as Tammelantori for 8-10e/liter… I knew that there might be since I had found them from there before too. Still, it is always a thrill to find some very good eatable mushrooms! They are VERY hard to find and even if you find, you might think that they are just some mushrooms that are gone bad ’cause they look like rotten. We continued further and you can’t believe what we found! There was some funnels and I was very happy to see them, ’cause I thought that it might be still too early for them (they are late autumn fungi). We picked them and not long until we found more, and more and.. Helena found the biggest suppilovahvero’s that I have ever seen! I couldn’t believe it!

 After great success in the forest we went to my place to make some food out of them. I called to my mum and she gave us a good recipe for funnel chanterelle-sauce. We also fried the black trumpets and ate them on the rye bread. The food was great and the company even better! I just love Finnish forests and the treasures they give us!

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  1. Lovely post Pauliina! It is raining this week, so there will be more next week… ! 😉

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