The third meeting @ Café puusti

Our third meeting took place at Café puusti. The group was enlarged by Nedas, he joined our group to learn Spanish. We repeated the German and Spanish vocabulary from our last meetings to bring Nedas to the equal Spanish level. It was more difficult than expected, because he starts to learn Spanish from the beginning and we already started with our meetings. Further Maria and I already knew some Spanish from school. In the future we have to be careful that we are not too fast for him, so he can catch up with us.  

After our Mexican evening we wanted to learn food and cooking utensils vocabulary. During our learn session we recognized, that many words are similar in the other language. Then we started to learn and teach the clock in Spanish and German, which we are going to continue in our next meeting.

Cooking utensils: 

English  Spanish  German 
spatula  espátula  Pfannenwender 
fridge  refrigerador  Kühlschrank 
peeler  pelador  (Gemüse)schäler 
spoon  chuchara  Löffel 
fork  tenedor  Gabel 
knife  cuchillo  Messer 
pan  sartén  Pfanne 
pot  polla  Topf 
cup  taza  Tasse 
glas  vaso  Glas 



English  Spanish  German 
potato  papa  Kartoffel 
rice  arroz  Reis 
tomato  tomate  Tomate 
cheese  queso  Käse 
carrot  zanahoria  Karotte 
banana  plátano  Banane 
orange  naranja  Orange 
milk  leche  Milch 
belt pepper  pimiento  Paprika 
salt and pepper  sal y pimienta  Salz und Pfeffer 



English  Spanish  German 
Where is the bathroom?  ¿Done está el baño?  Wo ist die Toilette? 
How is the food?  ¿Cómo está la comida?  Wie ist das Essen? 
Are you hungry?  ¿Tienes hambre?  Bist du hungrig? 
How much does it cost?  ¿Cuánto cuesta?  Wie viel kostet es? 
It is very expensive!  ¡Está muy caro!  Es ist sehr teuer! 
When do we meet?  ¿Cuándo nos vamos?  Wann treffen wir uns? 
What time is it?  ¿Qué hora es?  Wie viel Uhr ist es? 

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